Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Create a cool Shattered Glass effect with photoshop!!!


Hi there, this is another novice Photoshop tutorial. This tutorial will teach you the simplest method of creating the above text effect shown in the image. Its pretty simple, i saw this type of effect once in some site i really don’t remember some years ago, it was not totally same it is its modified version giving it a better, cool, shiny, web 2.0 look.

Let's start.
Step 1: Create a new document with the following dimensions.

Step 2: Give this document a black background colour and type a Bold text with white colour.I used the Impact font.

Step 3: Select the text layer from the layers palette and from the FX drop-down menu(see picture) choose Gradient-overlay.

Step 4: Apply the following settings and a rainbow colour gradient. If you want to make the gradient manually, just edit the current selected gradient and remove all stops except three. One in the left hand corner , one in the middle and the other one in the right hand corner. and apply the following colour to each of them.

Left Most:

Middle :

Right most:

Step 5: Duplicate the text layer by selecting it in the Layers palette and pressing Ctrl+J. After this, select the original text layer and press Ctrl+Shift+N to insert a new blank layer with black background. Merge this newly created layer and the Duplicated text layer(select both and press Ctrl+E).

Step 6: Select the newly merged layer and go to Filter --> Distort --> Glass. Apply the following settings and press OK.

Step 7: Select the layer named background and again press Ctrl+Shift+N to insert a new blank transeparent layer. Merge this newly created transparent layer with the text Layer. Finally, drag this newly merged layer on the top of all the layers.

Step 8: Apply Gaussian Blur(Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur) of 3.5Px(Depending upon your image). Then, choose the blending layer mode to Screen.

Step 9: Finally, duplicate the Layer 2 and apply a motion blur of 38px to the duplicated layer. Then, set the blending mode to Color Burn.

And The Final Effect is :

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