Sunday, June 14, 2009

Extract Vocals ::::: Using Audacity


Ever heard a song and wanted to extract the vocals only from that song? Here is a simple yet effective way to do the same.

For this tutorial, you will need Audacity, which is an open-source software.

Okay, lets begin.

1. Open Audacity and go to File Menu -->Open .

2. Browse your file and Select Open.
3. It will then import the file into Audacity.
4. Now from the Drop-down menu, next to the title(see image) and choose "Split Stereo Track".
5. Now you will have two tracks there. Next, choose Mono from the same drop down menu for BOTH the tracks. Remember BOTH the tracks.
6. Now go to Effect Menu --> Invert.
7. It will invert the Audio.
8. You are done, just play the file by clicking the play button on the top and see for yourself.

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