Monday, January 11, 2010

Swirl Text Effect In Photoshop


The Final Output is going to be somewhat like this :

Lets Begin the tutorial..

1. Start By making a new Document in Photoshop with the following settings :

2. Fill the background using the "Paint Bucket Tool" with Black Colour.

3. Type a big text on it. I used the following settings :

4. Ctrl+ Click your Text layer at the "T" in the layer's pallete.

5. Press "D" on your Keyboard to set the colours to black and white. Now Create a new layer, Then go to FILTER >> RENDER >> CLOUDS .
Press Ctrl+F to reapply the filter. Also, hide the original text layer.

6.Press "Ctrl+D"on your keyboard to deselect the selection. Now go to FILTER >> SHARPEN >> UNSHARP MASK and apply the following settings.

7. Now go to FILTER >> STYLIZE >> WIND . And apply the following settings.

8. Now again repeat step 7 but this time, set the direction "From the Left". This is the output till now :

9. Now Again, "Ctrl+ Click" the original text layer (as mentioned in step 4) without making the layer visible. Now go to SELECT >> MODIFY >> CONTRACT. Enter pixels to contract by. In my case, it was 5 pixels.

10. Now go to SELECT >> FEATHER. Enter 3 pixels.( in my case it is 3, it may vary for you). Then go to SELECT >> INVERSE.

11. Now go to FILTER >> STYLIZE >> WIND and apply the following settings :

Again repeat this step but with the direction as " From the Left ".

12. Now go to FILTER >> DISTORT >> TWIRL and enter an angle around 500 or 600. It depends on your text and its size.

13. Now add some colours by going to IMAGE >> ADJUSTMENTS >> COLOUR BALANCE and fiddle with the colours there to get your required effect.

14. Also, you can show the original text layer and choose its "Blending Option" to "Exclusion".

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